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Case management at Resource Center helps people living with HIV navigate the care and support systems available in the North Texas Area. Case managers are specially trained to respond to the needs of people impacted by HIV/AIDS and help plan for long term financial, emotional and physical needs. They are advocates and guides to accessing important services, support, education and staying involved in healthcare.

Resource Center case management program could be especially helpful to people impacted by HIV/AIDS who:

  1. are in danger of losing their health insurance due to a job loss and the high cost of COBRA
  2. have trouble meeting the high copay costs of their HIV medications under their insurance plan
  3. have recently been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and need extra support to manage this challenge
  4. want support to begin and/or maintain medical treatment adherence
  5. need assistance in meeting the needs of daily living

Resource Center case managers will discuss the benefits of case management and how it can assist long term efforts to participate in health care, offer support as clients and family members adjust to the HIV diagnosis, and help link clients to future needed services such as legal and counseling services, job retraining, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare / Medicare Part D, and many other community resources.

In a face-to-face meeting, a case manager will assess the client’s needs, develop and implement a care plan, and refer the client to appropriate services. Individual progress is regularly reviewed. Case managers normally work by appointment. Applicants will need the following documents at their first appointment: proof of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, proof of residence, proof of income, and a picture ID.